Riverside City Firefighters' Foundation

Riverside City Firefighters' Foundation (RCFF) is a non-profit organization developed in 2012.  RCFF's mission is to provide relief to Riverside City Firefighters' Association IAFF Local 1067 members in the event of illness due to work related incidents and/or Line of Duty Death (LODD).  RCFF also strongly participates in the community by providing fire and life safety education and continues to support such programs that reduce injuries and/or deaths to the community which its members serve.  

Every item purchased in the store goes to supporting these causes.  One day it is RCFF's goal to provide a firefighter memorial by creating a statue in the Downtown Riverside area.  Here we will be able to pay tribute to those firefighters who sacrificed all.  We at RCFF appreciate your support and donations.  

Please join our mailing list at the bottom of our home page by entering your email.  Here we will be able to update you on new clothing when it becomes available and other events that RCFF is participating in.  We Have Facebook page where items can purchased and the latest happenings are posted. Hope you enjoy the site.  If you have any questions please email us at rcffshop@gmail.com

Additionally here is RCFA’s paypalme/RCFFlocal1067 account link: